For those interested in travelling with their pet abroad

For travel until 31st December 2020, dogs and cats (and ferrets) will need:

– a microchip
– a valid rabies vaccination
– a completed Pet Passport
– travel can commence 21 days after the rabies vaccination
– a tapeworm tablet needs to be administered by a vet and signed off on in the passport between 24h and 5 days of your arrival back into the UK (dogs only).

For travel after 31st December 2020, it depends on the status of the UK. It is highly likely the the EU PETS travel scheme will not apply though and an alternative document to the Pet Passport will be needed. Should the UK become an unlisted 3rd country then additional rules will apply.
The process will take a minimum of 4 months.

Possible pet travel requirements after 31st December 2020
1. Microchip
2. Rabies vaccination
3. Rabies antibody blood test, sample to be taken no less than 30 days after the rabies vaccination
4 If the pet passes the blood test, travel can begin 3 calendar months from the date of the blood sample
5. If the pet fails the blood test, another rabies vaccination needs to be administered, and a further blood sample drawn no less than 30 days after that vaccination
6. A single-use Animal Health Certificate needs to be issued by your vet within 10 days of travel, and you need to carry this document with you. The certificate will be valid for leaving the UK for 10 days after issue, and you must return within 4 months of the certificate issue date.
7. Dogs travelling to Finland, Republic of Ireland and Malta must be treated against tapeworm between 24h and 120h of arriving in those countries.
8. Dogs must be given a tapeworm tablet by a vet and signed off on in the passport between 24h and 5 days of your arrival back into the UK

Provided that the rabies vaccinations are maintained up to date, a blood test is only required once. A new Health Certificate will be required for each trip. The current passports will no longer be valid for exit, but may be valid for re-entry.

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