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Fear Free



As Fear Free practitioners, we aim to decrease our patients’ fear, anxiety and stress throughout their visit with us, starting before they even come through the doors. Our patient flow is designed with this in mind – from separating dogs and cats in the waiting area, to scheduling anxious dogs first or last in the appointment block so the waiting room is quieter with fewer triggers, to longer than average consultations, to prescribing anxiolytics to be given by you at home prior to the appointment, to plenty of tasty treats and snacks to distract and reward them with (if you haven’t had liver paste on a licky mat, you haven’t lived!), to liberal use of Pet Remedy/Adaptil/Feliway plug ins and sprays, to name just a few! We even have a separate room affectionately named “The Zen Den” as part of the waiting area, where anxious pets (or people!) can relax on their own and out if sight.

The Fear Free experience continues into the hospital areas as well – separate dog and cat wards, minimal noise, soothing music where appropriate, calm and gentle handling, plenty of pain relief and anxiolytics, thick comfortable bedding, and so much more!

We want our patients to trust that we’ll look after them with gentle kindness, even when something hurts. Especially when something hurts. We love seeing cats purring and rolling on the exam table, or confidently exploring the room! We love seeing dogs who pull their people through the doors a they just can’t get in (and to the treat jar!) fast enough! There is a special joy in seeing a dog who was previously so terrified of coming to a vet that just getting through the door was a mission and any sort of touch was impossible without heavy sedation, grow in confidence, allow gentle handling and take treats from us with a big lolloping grin and a waggy tail.

As they say… Fear Free takes the PET out of PETrified, and puts the TREAT into TREATment! (bit cheesy but we don’t care so long as the critters are happy!)

We are one of the first practices in the UK to join the program, and we aim for our whole team to be Fear Free certified (we’re almost there!). You can find out more about the Fear Free movement here: Fear Free