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Admissions & Inpatients

Admission Times

Surgical patients are admitted between 8:30-10:30am. If you need an earlier drop off, we can be available from 8am by prior arrangement only. It is also possible to admit your pet the evening before their operation, between 5-7pm (there is NO overnight hospitalisation fee charged in this case).

Please allow about 10 minutes to complete surgical consent forms. We shall ask about your pet’s usual diet, and aim to feed them something similar once they are in recovery. If your pet is on a more specific diet (e.g. prescription, or raw) you may like to bring in a small amount of it for the day, in order to avoid a tummy upset.

Please see the exotics section of the site for advice on what to bring, but for small herbivores (rabbits and smaller) please bring their normal food and some of their favourites too.


All dogs and cats undergoing sedation or general anaesthesia will need to be fasted from 10pm the previous evening. Water should be made available all night however.

Rabbits and other small mammals, birds and reptiles do NOT need to be fasted at all.

We may also advise some puppies and kittens to not be fasted, but that will be discussed with you at the time of booking the surgical appointment.

Hospitalisation & Inpatients

Your pet will be hospitalised in a comfortable kennel (or vivarium if appropriate) with plenty of bedding, but you can bring in your pet’s own blanket or favourite toy for the day if you think that will make them a little happier about their hospital stay. We do encourage you to visit your pet if they are hospitalised for longer than a day, as most pets will greatly benefit from ongoing contact with their owners. In order to minimise disruption to our patient care and surgery schedules, visiting times do need to be by prior arrangement.

We have a dedicated Cat Ward with underfloor heating in each cage for comfort and glass doors which are less stressful for cats.

We have a separate dog ward, and a 3rd ward that can be used for all species. We have 5 dedicated vivaria with appropriate (guarded) heating and a range of UV tubes. We also have portable heat lamps for reptiles too large for the vivaria.


Routine uncomplicated surgical patients (e.g. neutering, dentistry, skin mass removals) will usually be discharged by one of our nurses – we shall call you to arrange a discharge appointment once your pet is out of theatre, and it will usually be arranged for between 4:30-7pm to allow your pet sufficient time to recover for the general anaesthetic. You will normally be provided with written discharge instructions, which will include details of wound care and any medications sent home with your pet. A nurse or vet will explain the discharge instructions and be available to answer any other questions you may have. In the rare case that there are any immediate post-op concerns we may provide an out of hours contact number for one of our vets. Depending on the nature/location of the wound, your pet may be sent home with a bandage, an Elizabethan collar, or a Medical Pet Shirt.

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