Canine behaviour consultations and training advice:

Becky has been working in the canine industry for over 10 years and is currently completing her post graduate qualification in Clinical Animal Behaviour whilst working towards APBC & ABTC membership.

She offers a positive and evidence-based approach to behaviour modification to help you get the most out of your relationship with your dog!

General advice or more intensive packages are available depending on the requirements of your dog. Starting with an initial consult, Becky will design a tailor-made plan to guide you through step by step. From getting your puppy off to the right start to dealing with more serious behavioural concerns, the team at Magnolia House Vets are all here to support you!

Thinking of getting a puppy?
Puppy preschool
Reading canine body language
Building confidence for vet visits & co-operative care
Behaviour issues e.g. separation anxiety, reactivity etc

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We can meet your pet’s every need, from the first puppy or kitten (and bunny or gecko!) health check, through preventative care, to the most complicated investigation and treatment when they are unwell. We have the advanced facilities and expert knowledge you may expect from a much larger practice, and yet our small size allows us to retain the friendly, comfortable, and caring atmosphere we are known for.

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