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Price List


*All prices are listed inclusive of VAT*


Our standard consultation is 20 minutes, allowing plenty of time to discuss your pet’s health and any concerns you may have. Some consultations are 30-40 minutes (e.g. first puppy and kitten visits, many bird/reptile consultations, more complicated medical problems) but the fee remains the same. We also do not charge higher fees for second opinion or referral consultations.

Consultation £45

Repeat consultation (within 4 weeks) £36

6-monthly prescription medication check £36

Nurse consultation £18




We use three-yearly vaccinations wherever possible, and currently only dog leptospirosis and cat leukaemia virus vaccines are given every year. Please note that these are also vaccines for which a titre test is not available.

The vaccine prices are the same every year regardless of which vaccines are given – the cost is averaged over the course of 3 years, in order to avoid miscommunication when advising our clients of the price.

We use the MSD Nobivac range in dogs, and Boehringer Purevax range in cats. The Purevax vaccines have the best safety profile.

Dog primary course £65

Dog booster £44

Dog kennel cough £42 (or £25.20 when given alongside other vaccines)


Cat primary course £70

Cat booster £52

Annual health check £30

(if no vaccines are due, e.g. indoor cats who don’t need leukaemia vaccines)


Rabies £50.40

Titre testing £55.92 (in addition to consultation fee/clinical exam)

Dogs: distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis

Cats: herpesvirus, calicivirus, panleukopaenia



Cats: can be neutered from 4 months of age, though in most cases we advise neutering at 6 months.

Dogs: recommendation will vary based on breed and temperament, so please speak to one of our vets or nurses about your dog’s individual situation.

Rabbits: can be neutered from 3 months of age.

All neuter surgeries for all species include a pre-operative health check, 2 post-operative checks, pain relief on the day and dispensed to go home with, and a buster collar*. All dog spays receive intravenous fluids as a routine. Medical pet shirts are available for an additional fee.



spay £99

castrate £66



spay <10kg £210

spay 10-25kg £250

spay 25-40kg £300

spay >40kg £350

overweight surcharge £50

castrate <10kg £145

castrate 10-25kg £185

castrate 25+ kg £215

scrotal ablation surcharge £42



spay £120

castrate £102

*buster collars are not provided for rabbits

Medical pet shirt £22



X-rays (sedation/anaesthesia in addition)

initial 2 views £138.50

per additional view £30

Ultrasound – heart OR abdomen £146.70

Ultrasound – pregnancy £60

Endoscopy (anaesthesia in addition) from £100



Acupuncture £51 per session

Laser therapy From £15 for a single site

Stem cell treatment from £2200 (x-rays in addition if needed)

Platelet therapy from £950 (x-rays in addition if needed)



General anaesthesia, descale and polish

Cats £156

Dogs <10kg £192

Dogs >10kg £216

Rabbits from £104

Rodents/guinea pigs from £87

Tooth extractions – £40-400 in addition, depending on number of teeth extracted, type/difficulty, and whether antibiotics are needed. Pain relief included.



Claw clipping £14.40 (£7.20 with a consultation)

Anal gland expression £14.40 (£7.20 with a consultation)

Microchip (mini chip) £17

Written prescription £15.60 per item

Home visit £86.24 (consultation included)