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At Magnolia House Veterinary Clinic we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment as much as we can. This is a journey with no final destination, and we’re always reviewing what else we can do.

  1. Our electricity supplier provides 100% renewable electricity
  2. Alongside the standard recycling (paper, plastics, cardboard, and printer toner cartridges), we recycle as much medical waste as possible, including rubber gloves, plastic syringes, medicine foil packs, and medicine bottles.
  3. We use cloth surgical hats, and also use sterilised cloth gowns and drapes during surgery instead of disposables where appropriate
  4. We use a water purifier to make our own distilled water instead of buying it in new plastic containers every time
  5. We aim to minimise our antibiotic resistance impact, including the use of in-house cytology and cultures to help target antibiotic use appropriately, and decreasing antibiotic use overall
  6. We use anaesthesia techniques which minimise the greenhouse impact of anaesthetic gases wherever possible
  7. We are a Bee Friendly Practice – despite our lack of green space, our container garden is ever expanding 🙂
  8. We aim to tailor parasiticide use to your pet’s lifestyle in order to minimise environmental contamination and the impact on other insect populations
  9. We work with companies that provide more sustainable pet products, such as Pet Impact ,  Green & Wilds pet treats, and Yora insect based diets