Here at Magnolia House we believe that prevention is always better than a cure, and regular vaccination is extremely important in preventing a number of life-threatening diseases.
Vaccines have improved a great deal over the last couple of decades – they are safer. There have also been new Rabbit vaccinations developed as new Rabbit diseases have emerged.

Rabbit Diseases:


This is a contagious virus and is common in wild rabbits, it can have close to 100% mortality rate in unvaccinated rabbits can can even cause disease in vaccinated rabbits but these rabbits can survive with appropriate supportive care.  It is spread by insect bite or direct contact with an infected rabbit. It affects a number of body systems but most commonly eyes, skin, lungs and genitals

Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic disease 1 (RVHD1)

This is a contagious and robust virus that has been present in the Uk since the 1980s’. It can survive in the environment and on fomites such as clothing and shoes allowing transfer between rabbits who never meet. It causes internal bleeding and often causes death with no warning. There is no effective treatment for rabbits affected.

Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic disease 2 (RVHD2)

This is a newer version of RVHHD1 that appeared in the last decade in the UK. We know of confirmed cases locally. It again can cause death with no warning and vaccination for both variants is now strongly recommended.


Prior to May 2020 we had to use a two different vaccines, one protecting against Myxo/RVHD1 and the other protecting against RVHD2.  There is now a vaccine available for all 3 viruses and we are switching over.  Note that some rabbits may need a booster prior to switching depending on their previous vaccination schedule, our goal remains to give your pet the protection it needs with the fewest number of injections.

Can we/should we test levels of antibodies instead of vaccinating?

Sadly commercial antibody tests are not available for the diseases we vaccinate rabbits against so this is not currently an option.

In any case as VHD-1 and VHD-2 frequently present as acute death with little or no warning vaccination is strongly recommended.

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