Laser therapy is quite a new pain-relieving treatment for veterinarians in the UK, but has been used extensively in the USA for a very long time, and is used in people. Lasers emit a particular wavelength of light, and can achieve a number of effects depending on that wavelength.

Laser therapy has been shown to stimulate target tissues to release anti-inflammatory and pain- relieving substances (e.g. endorphins), improves circulation and thereby oxygen and nutrient delivery to the tissues, stimulates tissue repair, reduces formation of scar tissue, and speeds up wound healing. In terms of arthritis treatment, the pain relief, anti-inflammatory and improved tissue circulation effects are all beneficial and results in improved comfort an mobility. Most patients will show a good response within 8-12 weekly treatments, and will maintain that response with a maintenance treatment every 2-4 weeks.

Laser therapy seems to be well tolerated even in painful animals and as it is hands off and doesn’t involve even touching the pet can be a great choice for the nervous or apprehensive pet. It is sadly not appropriate for all conditions so is not always an option.

The practice also has the option for surgical laser which is a great bloodless way of removing small masses such as skin tags. It is also extremely useful in exotic species where due to their very small size any blood loss is critical.

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