Sometimes its important to be able to see the problem. We have 3 in house imaging methods we use, either singly or in combination.



We invested in digital radiography which gives us better radiographs (X-rays) quicker. It also allows us to send images via email for further evaluation or in case of referrals.



Having started offering ultrasound when we started at Magnolia House in 2014 we have already upgraded the machine to give us better quality images and also allow false colour doppler imaging useful for heart scans and detecting other circulatory issues. Ultrasound provides an excellent tool and complement to X-ray especially when dealing with tissues of a similar density or fluid filled structures when radiography alone can be unrewarding.  We use ultrasound for: heart scans pregnancy diagnosis Non invasive imaging especially for abdominal problems.

<Ultrasound picture>


We offer both flexible and rigid endoscopy.

<Endosope images>

The Flexible endoscope is useful for upper and lower airway inspection, and retrieval of foreign bodies.

The Rigid endoscope is used for inspecting nasal cavities in dogs and cats but is also useful for internal inspection of some reptiles and birds.

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