Cancer is an unfortunate part of life for many of us, and it often affects our pets as well. It can be a devastating diagnosis in a beloved pet, but veterinary medicine is always advancing and we often do have treatment options we can explore.

When it comes to treating cancer in veterinary patients, the focus is always on our pets’ welfare and quality of life. It is for this reason that chemotherapy protocols used in animals are much less harsh than those used in people, and in vast majority of patients do not result in severe or debilitating side effects. However, side-effects can still happen and chemotherapy often does not achieve a cure, so considerable thought must be given to the pros and cons of this procedure for the individual dog or cat.

At Magnolia House we can perform chemotherapy for several more common canine and feline cancers, such as lymphoma and mast cell tumours. Our chemotherapy protocols are tailored to each individual patient, and developed after careful research and in conjunction with oncology specialists.

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