Blood tests are one of the most frequent and useful diagnostics we use.

We have in-house blood testing machines are capable of providing a complete blood cell count and a biochemistry panel within minutes, which is handy in an emergency! It also means we can perform most pre-anaesthetic testing on the day of surgery. Due to advances in testing we are also able to more extensive tests such as T4 for thyroid disease and fructosamine for diabetics in house as well.

We also perform in house counts for reptile and bird haematology in house, as automated counts are not possible in these species.

We have some very specific tests for feline viruses, canine pancreatitis, canine lungworm and ringworm.

We also use a range of external laboratories which have an extensive range of more specialised tests, with many results available within 24-48h.

In house Testing:
Haematologies for cats, dogs and most mammal species
Manual haematologies for birds and reptiles
PCV (packed cell volumes)
Electrolyte measurement
Hormonal monitoring (T4 and Fructosamine)
Feline viral testing
Lungworm testing

External Labs:
More extensive versions of all of the above including specific profiles for specific conditons.
Full disease panels
Extensive viral testing for all species

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