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We love all things medicine, and have a range of equipment to help us diagnose and solve all the many puzzles your pets present us with, with many results being available the same day.

Blood and other tests  – we can perform full blood cell counts, biochemistry analysis, thyroid testing, blood clotting factors, FIV and FeLV testing, pancreas function testing, faecal testing, urine analysis and microscopy. We also have an incubator which helps us carry out ear and urine bacterial cultures. For more specialised tests, we use Axiom and PALS external laboratories.


Ultrasound – used for scanning abdomens, hearts, and pregnancy detection. We also occasionally scan odd things, like eyes and tendons! We can also perform minimally invasive ultrasound-guided needle biopsies.

Endoscopy – we have a range of rigid and flexible endoscopes to aid in investigation of ear disease, rhinitis, and bronchial disease.

Tonometry – checks eye pressure, and important for detection of glaucoma or uveitis


Blood pressure monitors