Magnolia House Veterinary Clinic

103 Staveley Gardens
Chiswick, GB W4 2SE




Grand Eater of all things he shouldn't

Dino Dogs is our 9 year old rescue Cocker Spaniel, and about as mad as they come! He still manages to run around like a puppy despite two very dodgy hips and a knee operation, and loves nothing better than a swim, with a soak in a muddy puddle coming a close second! Dino loves his food, but has to watch his weight in order to not stress his hips, so he's become very good at sneaking treats when he thinks no-one is looking. His hobbies are bin-raiding, stealing baby toys, and barking at reflections.


Mouse Liaison Officer

Gandalf, also known as G-man, is our 10 year old rescue moggy, originally from Birmingham. He was found in a client's garden when he was around 1 year old, unable to move his hind legs due to a back injury, and has made a marvellous recovery! Our G-man is a gentle giant, very sociable and loves cuddles. He tries very hard to be a hunter, but (thank goodness!) is really not very good at it. He loves livening up our dull evenings by bringing in  mice for us to catch and release. G-man's hobbies include stalking us when we go out for a walk, snoozing on top of the sofa, and winding up Dino.

Madam Morgan

The Feline Alarm Clock

Morgan is our little elderly kitty, another rescue of course! Morgan truly used up some of her 9 lives - she was a very ill stray brought in to Dalya's practice 9 years ago, and had severe liver disease, gallstones, and neurological problems. After 6 months of quite intensive nursing and more medication than she cares to remember, Morgan has made a full recovery and never looked back! She is a shy girl but has now taken over running the back office at Magnolia house where there are more people to bully for food and she is less bothered by Dino.

Former Staff: 

Elvis was left on the doorstep of Stan's old practice in a cardboard box with "I like mice" scrawled on the outside. After 7 and a half years including 6 months in lovely Dorset he sadly developed sepsis likely as a result of inoperable tumours and passed away in June 2015.


Pegs was rescued as a kitten by Mr Lafferty in 1996 when she was found with a broken leg on Christchurch High Street, she enjoyed 19 years of being practice cat but after being diagnosed and treated for hypertension she sadly passed away on the 23rd January 2015.