At Magnolia House Veterinary Surgery we are fully equipped to perform a wide range of surgical procedures in dogs and cats as well as all exotic species. We maintain a sterile operating theatre that is not used for any other purpose.

We are very aware that having your pet scheduled for surgery can be stressful and worrying, but you can rest assured that we do everything possible to keep them comfortable and safe. We have top-notch anaesthesia protocols, all our surgical patients receive comprehensive anaesthetic monitoring and support, and we begin to work on their pain management before they’ve even entered theatre!

Pre-operative procedure

Anaesthesia is safer if performed on an empty stomach, so please withhold all food from your pet from 10pm the evening before surgery. You should however leave your pet with plenty of water. Your pet will be admitted by one of our nurses in the morning. You will be asked to sign a consent form, and provide your contact details for the day. Your pet will be given a full examination by one of our vets prior to the procedure being started. If we have planned to perform a pre-anaesthetic blood test, a blood sample will be obtained, and your pet will then be settled into a comfortable kennel while we await the results and prepare for surgery.

Please note that only dogs and cats need to be fasted – all exotic species including rabbits should be fed as normal and have food available until you leave home on the morning of surgery. We may also request that you provide some of their favourite food to get them eating straight away in recovery. particularly important in small herbivores.

Post-operative recovery

Once the surgery has been completed, your pet will be settled back into its comfortable kennel, and will continue to be monitored closely by one of our nurses. They will be offered water and a small amount of food as soon as they are ready, usually within 2 hours. We shall call you with an update shortly after the surgery has been completed, and schedule a discharge appointment for your pet that afternoon once he/she has fully recovered from anaesthesia. During the discharge appointment we shall provide you with detailed instructions about wound care, medication you need to administer at home, feeding and exercise during the recovery period. Pets undergoing some more complicated surgery (e.g. bladder or intestinal surgery, stomach torsions) will need to be hospitalised for at least 1 night following surgery.

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We can meet your pet’s every need, from the first puppy or kitten (and bunny or gecko!) health check, through preventative care, to the most complicated investigation and treatment when they are unwell. We have the advanced facilities and expert knowledge you may expect from a much larger practice, and yet our small size allows us to retain the friendly, comfortable, and caring atmosphere we are known for.

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