Magnolia House Veterinary Clinic

103 Staveley Gardens
Chiswick, GB W4 2SE



In addition to our high standard of general small animal practice, we also offer a referral service for other veterinary practices in the surrounding area.

Our vets have further qualifications and many years of experience in their respective fields of special interest, and are committed to ongoing learning and keeping up with all the latest developments in their areas of expertise. We are always happy to discuss cases with colleagues even without a formal referral.

We are available for referrals in the following range of disciplines:

Please be aware that despite our various skills WE ARE NOT SPECIALISTS, and there are certain procedures that fall outside our capabilities (e.g. MRI scanning, ultrasound looking for portosystemic shunts, neuromuscular blockade) and would require referral to an RCVS recognised specialist. 

If you are a client looking for a referral, please discuss this with your own vet, who will be able to advise you and help you arrange the referral.

Please note that if you are a client of another practice who has been referred to us for a specific problem, once the problem has been managed you will be discharged back into the care of your original vet - as a courtesy to our colleagues, we regret that we are unable to register you as a client for our general practice services. 

If you are a veterinary surgeon who would like to refer a client to us, please call us on 01202 499 622 (especially if it's an urgent problem), or download a referral form and fax it to us on or email the form to . Please include copies of the patient's history and any test results and radiographs alongside the referral form. We can usually arrange to see urgent cases on the same day if necessary.

Once we have received the clinical history, we shall contact the client within 24h to arrange an appointment. It's probably not possible to provide a realistic estimate of costs involved until we have seen the patient and discussed diagnostic and treatment options with the client, but if you would like to know more about our fees please contact us at any time.

We aim to maintain open lines of communication between ourselves, you the referring vet, and the client at all times. We shall provide you with a full report of the referral appointment (and any follow-ups) within 24h, and shall forward copies of any blood tests or investigation results promptly. We are very flexible when it comes to follow up care - just let us know at which point our involvement is no longer necessary, and we shall direct the client back to you for ongoing care. We are of course always available for further advice should you need it!