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Chickens are very commonly kept in small backyard flocks as well as in the large commercial set ups.

Under UK legislation veterinary drugs have to be used in the species and for the condition they are licensed for, in the post Horse meat scandal world this is now policed much more vigorously. Any drug used in a food producing animal has an exclusion period. We'll take care to advise you of any issues this may cause. Some very common drugs used in birds are excreted in eggs and so can cause human health issues.

We strongly recommend that all backyard chickens are acquired vaccinated and also stress that if adding birds to a flock then birds should be quarantined before introduction and never introduced singly due to the risk of bullying. Diseases such as mycoplasma are often stress induced and can be avoided or mitigated. 

Commonly seen and treated problems: breathing, sneezing (mycoplasma), worms (both gape and intestinal), egg bind, anaemias, aspergillus and diarrhoea. Crop impactions, bumble foot and other surgical cases.

Stan has also worked a lot with geese, ducks and also treated quail in the past, so please contact us with any queries.


We strongly recommend that backyard birds are wormed regularly especially when they are kept on relatively small bits of land- please ask Stan about the most effective way to do this.

Red mite:

The bane of any poultry or game keeper, this can be difficult to eradicate and prevention or good husbandry can stop a problem developing. Treatment options are now much more limited due to the tighter interpretation of the cascade and some of the older treatments are now no longer appropriate.