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Winter Newsletter 2018

Please find the latest practice Newsletter here. Staff news, Lungworm updates, winter risks and much more! 

Changes to appointments September 2018

We're switching the morning to appointments only and appointments can be booked 9-11am and 4-6pm.

Open surgery remains weekdays 6-7pm and Saturday mornings.

We hope this should reduce waiting times in the mornings considerably. We're going to keep some appointments free to be booked on the day and will always see your pet if it needs to be seen. 

February 2016:


It has been reported this month that there is a new strain of Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic disease (RVHD). This new virus has been dubbed RVHD2.

Viral haemorrhagic disease can be a fatal viral disease with a high rate of mortality.

Rabbit VHD takes 3 forms
a) Peracute- this causes sudden death with little or no warning
b) Acute- this will cause lethargy, temperatures (usually over 40C) progression to bloody discharges from the nose, bloody urine/vulva discharge progressing to shock and collapse. This form is nearly always fatal also.
c) Subacute- Very mild versions of acute which the rabbit will recover from and afterwards be immune from the virus.

In the UK, and at Magnolia House Veterinary Clinic the "combi" vaccine that protects against both myxomatosis and RHD is used. 
However it has now been discovered that this vaccine is only partially effective against RHDV2, so some vaccinated rabbits could still succumb to the disease.
Newer vaccines against RHDV2 have been developed in France and Spain, but are currently not available in UK.

Rabbits infected with RVHD who survive are infectious for up to one month. the infectious period for RVHD2 is currently unknown but good quarantine procedures for any rabbit entering a collection is recommended. Transmission is by the nasal, oral or conjunctival routes and food bowls and bedding can transmit infection. The risk from the wild rabbit population to domestic rabbits is currently unknown.
Vaccinating against RVHD1 is highly recommended and current advice is to give two vaccines at 4 and 8-10 weeks for rabbits that are at high risk. 
Please call the Surgery if you have any more questions.

December 2015:


With the weather being so mild many species are suffering from the effects. We know from our work with the local rescues that hedgehogs are more active then they should be for this time of year. We've also admitted a tortoise who has woken up today from hibernation as it's so warm. The hibernating species will not remain dormant if the temperature is above 8deg C. 
So unless you are "Fridging" 
PLEASE CHECK YOUR HIBERNATING TORTOISE TODAY and if it's awake get it up and rehydrated now.

Tortoises left awake in their hibernation boxes will deplete their energy reserves and are very likely to be suffering from hepatic lipidosis in the spring when it's actually time to wake up.

June 2015:

Thanks to New Milton Hedgehog Rescue we have this updated photo of Matilda- the little amputee hog from a fortnight ago- thriving at her release site. They do fantastic work as a small local charity, please visit their page and check out some of their other supporters. You can find out more on our facebook page.

Elvis has left the building

Sadly we said goodbye to Elvis this week; he was dumped on the doorstep of Stan's old practice some 7 years ago and was reportedly 10 at the time. He had been undergoing treatment for some time but this week developed signs of severe septicaemia that was not antibiotic responsive.


11th June 2015

This is Percy who was referred to our exotics clinic for a rather large swelling on his tummy. Tests revealed it to be a lipoma- a fatty tumour common in budgies, cockatiels and amazons. We successfully operated, discovering post operatively that the tumour was almost the same weight as Percy! He was seen on Tuesday nearly all healed up one week later and a much happier bird.



8th June 2015

Enjoyed giving a talk on cage bird health at Swanage and Purbeck Cage Bird Society this evening.

June 2015

We've seen a lot of this little bird recently, this was hopefully his last visit for a while and we microchipped him while he was in.

June is NATIONAL MICROCHIPPING MONTH and while you'll soon have to microchip dogs by law,

we've also microchipped birds, snakes, tortoises and even fish as well as the more common furry pets!

21st May 2015:  MISSING CATS!!

We've had a huge increase in cats going missing with 7 going missing in the last 2 weeks. Of these 3 were reported missing in Somerford and 1 in Burton in the last few days; all were young cats but older than 6 months and all experienced at going out. We'd strongly urge cat owners to be vigilant and please get your cat chipped and keep your contact details up to date.

20th May: More Hedgehog News

New Milton Hedgehog Rescue were on Radio Solent yesterday talking about the excellent work that they do. Having seen 6 hogs in the last 3 days including 2 for x-rays and 1 for surgery we know they're really busy at the moment. We'll post the link the audio later on.

The Mudeford Mag

In May's edition of The Mudeford Mag Dalya has written an article about the common poisons that we see in clinic.

You can find The Mudeford Mag here and our poisons information pages here.

Going Digital

We've upgraded the Clinic's X-ray facilities to Digital this gives up better quality images in less time- meaning less sedation or anaesthesia is needed so safer for your pet. It also makes sharing and referral easier.


26th April 2015

Last week saw a lot of reptile patients through the clinic, allowing us to make use of the new lab facilities. We also had another member join our acupuncture clinic, photos to come soon!

March 2015



To enable us to provide the highest levels of medical care to your pet- regardless of species, we have just upgraded some of the lab equipment. Our new machine allows us to run more tests in house and more quickly as well as allowing tests that previously would have taken a day or more to get back from an external laboratory to be done in house within 15 minutes. This represents a big jump in the medical care we can provide.

In addition due to the advanced nature of this machine we can now run biochemistry tests for exotic species in-house. For some animals, especially birds who get ill very quickly, not having to delay treatment while we're waiting for results will have real benefits. 


We are very proud to announce that Dalya has been named as an ADVANCED VETERINARY PRACTITIONER by the Royal Veterinary College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) for both SMALL ANIMAL MEDICINE and VETERINARY ANAESTHESIA.

She is the ONLY VET IN THE UK to hold Advanced Practitioner Status in these two disciplines.

And one of only two vets in the country to have Advanced Practitioner status in more than one discipline.

AVP status is awarded to veterinary surgeons who we have accredited at postgraduate certificate level, and who have demonstrated knowledge and experience in a particular area of veterinary practice beyond their initial primary veterinary degree, but who have also continue to be up to date in their field.
you can find the 2015 list here:…/list-of-advanced-practitioners/

February 2015


January 2015

January 24th: RIP Pegs

Pegs Cat

Over the weekend Magnolia House sadly said goodbye to Pegs, she was found on the High Street by Mr Lafferty with a broken leg and after some expert fixing enjoyed 19 years as practice cat. She had recently been diagnosed with hypertension and was undergoing treatment. She died at home with Leonie Percival who had looked after her for the last 2 decades.

January 18th: Keep Taking care in the cold! 

WARNING FOR ALL PET OWNERS - Check Decembers news below for what special care you should take in the sub-zero temperatures at the moment.

NEW Testimonials page

We've added a client review page here; please let us know what you think, either via the guestbook or email.

NEW YEAR- New Charity.

2015 has seen some new cases from New Milton Hedgehog come to the practice and we're thrilled to be helping a local charity help local wildlife: please check their Website or Facebook pages for more details. They also have some excellent guides on how to help hedgehogs in your garden or neighbourhood. You can help support them here.

December 2014

Take care in the cold!



With the snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures the roads and paths are likely to be gritted. If your pet walks on gritted roads or paths then please make sure to wash their paws by dipping their feet in fresh warm water once at home.

Every year hundreds of pets throughout the country become seriously ill and in some cases die because of the rock salt and antifreeze being used during the cold snap. Dogs and cats walk through the substances left by gritters trying to clear roads and car drivers defrosting their windscreens which they then lick off their paws and ingest. Consuming rock salt can cause dehydration, liver failure and pancreatitis while antifreeze contains the chemical ethylene glycol which can cause kidney failure and death when consumed.

Please be vigilant and treat your pets to a foot bath after being outside.

November 2014

Magnolia House Veterinary Clinic is under new ownership!

Dalya and Stan Livy are very excited to become owners of this wonderful family practice! You may be anxious that the practice may be changing, but be reassured that we are above all committed to maintaining the truly caring, friendly, and compassionate atmosphere Magnolia House Veterinary Clinic is known for. We are also expanding the services the practice currently offers, so that we can take even better care of your pets!

We feel very lucky to be able to join the Christchurch community, and to have the opportunity to raise our three boys in such a lovely part of the country. 

Drop by and say hello when you have a moment - we look forward to meeting you!

PS Make sure you keep an eye on our special offers page!