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Grey Whiskers Senior Package



As our furry friends grow older, they can begin to develop a number of health issues – arthritis, dental disease, kidney or thyroid problems, to name just a few! Dogs and cats are unfortunately very good at hiding that something is not right until the problem becomes more advanced, which often makes it more difficult and more expensive to treat and may lead to a poorer prognosis. 

Early recognition of health problems is a very important part of successful management, especially when it comes to chronic conditions. 

Our Grey Whiskers Club is specifically designed with senior pets in mind, to help us detect any problems sooner than we would otherwise, allowing us to treat and manage them better, which in turn helps your pets live more comfortable, longer and happier lives! 


  • a physical exam, weight check, dental check, mobility check
  • a urine test
  • a comprehensive blood test (including full blood cell count, biochemistry panel, and thyroid levels)
  • a blood pressure check 
  • printed copy of the physical exam and test results
  • an in-person discussion with the nurse about the results
  • a remote consultation (email, telephone, video) with a vet if abnormalities are found
  • nail clip if needed
  • minor grooming if needed (e.g. clipping out small mats, brushing)
  • 20% off medication if a problem is found*
  • 10% off prescription diets* 
  • 10% off any additional testing*

* Valid for 12 months from the date the senior package was taken out

Cost: £180 (inc VAT) – a saving of at least £50!


How do I sign up for the senior package?

Easy! Either call the clinic on 01202 499622 or email us on, to arrange your Grey Whiskers appointment.

What signs should I look for that might indicate a problem?


  • increased water intake (can be subtle at first)
  • appetite changes (either increase or decreased)
  • weight loss OR weight gain
  • loose stools
  • vomiting 
  • coughing
  • incontinence
  • difficulty going to the toilet 
  • poor coat quality


  • less interest in games
  • being less interactive with family members
  • sleeping more
  • restlessness, especially at night
  • pacing, especially at night
  • difficulty sleeping
  • vocalising/crying/yowling for no apparent reason, especially at night
  • aggressive behaviour
  • dislike of being touched or handles
  • choosing to sleep on different surfaces than before, eg preference for cold floors
  • toileting in unusual places
  • purring less


  • lagging behind on walks
  • limping, especially after exercise
  • stiffness, especially first thing in the morning
  • slow to get up from a sit/down position
  • difficulty jumping
  • difficulty getting in or out of the car
  • difficulty going up or down the stairs
  • less able to play, or less interest in playing
  • difficulty using the cat flap or scratching post

Who is eligible? 

Dogs over 8 years of age (5 years for giant breeds) and cats over 10 years of age.

Are older dogs and cats who are already on long term medication eligible?

Yes, pets who are already diagnosed with a chronic condition can take out the Senior Package. For maximum value, we would suggest booking the Grey Whiskers appointment near the date when your pet would usually be due for a recheck/blood test, so that you’re not paying twice.