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Exotic pets are more common in the UK and need a much wider range of knowledge than just treating dogs and cats. Our vet Stan Livy has been deeply involved with all exotic species for the last 8 years and prior to moving to Magnolia House was seeing referrals from within a 25 mile radius at his London based practice, as well as all in house referrals for the large practice he worked for. He has also completed a European SVPS Certificate in Exotic Animal Practice 

He has published articles on Avian and Gerbil orthopaedics and is currently working on Hyperthyroidism in Chinchillas.


We have specific medical and surgical experience with:

  • All Bird types: Birds of Prey, Parrots, Game/Poultry especially chickens, Passerines and Wildlife.
  • Most common and some uncommon mammal species covering a spectra from Pigs, ferrets, rodents, hystricomorphs, and commonly kept marsupials.
  • Commonly kept reptiles eg. Bearded Dragons, Bosc Monitors, Chameleons, Geckos, Skinks.
  • Common and less common Tortoises and Terrapin species.
  • Snakes: specifically Rat snakes (King/corn), Boas, Pythons. Also familiar with DWA legislation and can advise when required. Cases involving DWA species especially venomous species will require discussion prior to presentation.
  • Amphibia and invertebrates: Axolotls, Fish, Giant African Land Snails and Tarantulas

We also have specific equipment such as low flow anaesthetic systems, ventilators and cautery to deal with the unique challenges these species pose when undergoing treatments or surgery.

As exotic species have differing needs to other pet species we will try and tailor your appointment in order to minimise stress to the animal species concerned and give you and your animal the best service we can. 

We are also happy to see referral cases for difficult or unresponsive cases from other practices.

Please look under the specific subheading in the menu and if you can print out and complete the relevant History Questionnaire prior to your appointment.

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