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Dental care is a very important area of your pet's health - dental disease can lead to tooth infections, chronic pain, and difficulty eating. Chronic bacterial infections around diseased teeth can enter the bloodstream and damage internal organs, especially the heart and kidneys.

It can often be difficult for owners to recognise dental problems - most of us would expect our pets to stop eating of their teeth are hurting, but animals have a firmly entrenched survival instinct and will only stop eating at the last possible moment, when their teeth and mouth are in quite a lot of pain - and this can be years after dental pain first shows up!

How can we tell that our pet is experiencing dental problems? Look out for:

  • bad breath
  • red or swollen gums
  • tartar covering the teeth
  • excessive drooling
  • bleeding from the mouth
  • becoming a fussy eater, e.g. will eat soft food but not dry biscuits
  • loss of appetite 

Dental disease can be minimised by regular preventative care, and early detection of dental problems allows us to treat them before they cause your pet too much trouble.

Preventative dental care includes:

  • tooth brushing
  • diet
  • suitable chews
  • water additives that minimise bacterial build up
  • regular dental check ups

Dental treatment in dogs and cats can only be safely performed under general anaesthesia - this allows us to remove not only the visible tartar on the teeth, but also the bacteria and plaque underneath the gum line, which are the source of the problem. Any teeth that have been significantly damaged (holes in crowns, broken teeth, open root canals, or tooth root infections) will need to be removed, otherwise they will continue to cause pain. 

We shall check your pet's teeth at least once a year during your regular health check/vaccine appointment, but if you have any concerns about your pet's dental health please call us to book your FREE dental check (please note, it's a free check if teeth are your pet's only concern, if your pet has other issues that need addressing at the same time, our usual consultation fee will apply).