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Chocolate or more correctly Theobromine is a famous poison of dogs, it causes vomiting, hyper salivation, rapid heart beats,  muscle rigidity, convulsions and kidney problems.

The level of toxicity is related to the concentration of Theobromine: 

Coca shell/ Cocoa powder/Cocoa Beans > Dark chocolate > Milk chocolate > White chocolate

and size of your dog is also important with larger dogs able to tolerate higher doses with lesser effects.

If your dog has ingested >9 grams of milk chocolate or >1.25grams of chocolate per kilo of body weight then

CONTACT THE SURGERY IMMEDIATELY then start making your way in.

For example a 45g average milk chocolate bar could severely affect dogs weighing 5kg or less

While the same bar made of dark chocolate would severely affect dogs weighing up to 36kg. 

If at all possible please bring any surviving wrapping or packaging from the ingested chocolate.

SURGERY NUMBER: 01202 499 622