Magnolia House Veterinary Clinic

103 Staveley Gardens
Chiswick, GB W4 2SE


Birds of Prey:

Most birds of prey seen are working animals and as such are presented for traumatic injures sustained during their duties though we have also treated sour crop, bumble foot and other medical problems including heavy metal poisonings in the past. Our vets are well experienced in various aspects of avian orthopaedics. We have also done some extensive soft tissue work: Connie, the Lanner Falcon pictured, suffered a severe degloving injury down to the bone on her R wing and was returned to flight within 5 weeks. The picture shows her 18 months post injury when apart from a slight misalignment of the feathers on that wing she is a normal bird.

When possible please bring any details of housing, other birds in your collection, where bird was sourced from. Last meal, last cast, any supplements used and date of last moult.

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